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I responded to an online “job posting” and received a very slick automated reply. However, it went into some detail about the company's products and business model, which is generally not the case with other 'work at home' schemes I've looked into. I replied with a few questions, and received a prompt response which answered all my questions completely and without deceit. Here's what I learned:

Recruits are obliged to buy a $20 annual subscription to online company support. You are also required to cough up a monthly fee which will dictate the commissions received on member recruitment and product sales. That fee STARTS at $50/month.

While I applaud them for being straightforward and reasonably transparent, an employer should pay the employee – not the other way around. The other way around is about as sketchy as it gets. If you jump into this and get burned, it's your own fault.


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AmeriPlan is NOT a job...it's a home based business.As with any business, there are some costs that go into that.

Let's say you want to open a book store. JUST to open you need to pay for space, inventory, utilities, employees (assuming you start with more than just yourself). Just to name a few. Consider the difference in the monthly payment alone.

Additionally, that monthly overhead is to cover YOUR benefits.


I am definitely no part of this company, however, I have been involved in MLM and what some individuals don't understand is that in order to make money you got to spend money. It would be quite ridiculous to expect to have your own business without putting any money. Personally per my reviews and all information provided I see nothing wrong with this company, heck I'm actually going to join!

Maitland, Florida, United States #892960

You need to READ and understand.You are not an employee.

You would be an IBO, an Independent Business Owner. I too am looking at this opportunity.

Pay attention to what they are offering....an opportunity not a job.

to Deb #892982

That's all fine and dandy IF you are looking for a business opportunity.However, when you are looking for a JOB, and these knuckleheads contact you and waste your time, it is beyond frustrating!

They need to not post misleading "job" ads!

Don't advertise you have a job, when in reality you are offering a business opportunity!Pretty simple, right?!

to Anonymous #938233

I completely agree with Deb.It is a business, your own business, and in any business you have an overhead.

Which in this case I believe is reasonably small.

If you are just looking for a job and not a business, your are just looking in the wrong place.This is not for you, so just leave it at that.



I have been reading both comments on the business itself and reply comments.First off, you need to understand how business works.

Start-up fees can be a number of fees paid to run a business; Federal, state and local business licenses, other licenses, items purchased to run your business, hiring new employees, etc. Almost all new business's have some type of monthly fees, i.e.; phone book ads, other advertising, websites, phone bill, electrical bill, gas, employees, etc. If you really take a look at the fees that AMERIPLAN is charging, it is no different from starting a regular business, except, the average start-up fees for a new small business (1-5 employees) are about $22,000+. Monthly expenses run about $3,300+ without employees and $11,000+ with employees.

Not to mention you must keep up on all laws and compliances which affect that business, unless you pay someone to do it for you - another expense.

Look at it from this standpoint: in regular business you have a ton, I mean a ton of paper work. Who does 90+% of the paper work with AMERIPLAN - they do. Who builds your Website - they do. If you want to recruit new IBO's, who pays them - they do - and you make money on that.

Oh, did I mention taxes.

In regular business you have Federal, state and/or local taxes due every month and yearly. You are required to fill and file all sorts of Federal, state and/or local forms, monthly and yearly. What do you do with AMERIPLAN; just keep track of your income and expenses - easy on QuickBooks.

And there is a lot more that I did not cover that AMERIPLAN does that we do not have to worry about. Is it an MLM, yes and no - my opinion.

There are strict Federal laws and guidelines that MLM's must follow or the fines are huge, not to mention the Federal Government can close a MLM company down if it is breaking the laws.

The reason I know about these things is simple; I owned a business of my own with 12-14 employees for 18 years. I sold it because it was 24/7 and was starting to cause me health problems. I can tell you one thing, the only one that made out after I sold my business, was the IRS. I have found some negative so far: Better Business Bureau: All I see is that they are not "BBB ACCREDITED".

Dunn & Bradstreet Ratings: PAYDEX® (Poor) 08/09/2014, Delinquency Predictor Class (Poor) 07/20/2014 Financial Stress Class (Poor) 08/24/2014, Supplier Evaluation Rating (Poor)11/17/2013 Now to be honest, I have never had much faith in D&B. US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: There are no ratings either on state chambers or the US Chamber. I AM DISAPPOINTED ON THE ABOVE, BECAUSE THEY STATE CLEARELY: A+ WITH BBB and HIGHEST RATING WITH US CHAMBER - NEITHER ARE TRUE. I WILL FIND OUT TONIGHT.

FYI - I am not an IBO yet, but maybe after tonight. I think this is a good opportunity and if treated with respect, worked hard, I believe the rewards could be there.



You are not an employee of AMERIPLAN. The out front money you talk about is clearly discribed in the phone presentation. You get out of it what you put in it.

I am signing up today.

Herndon, Virginia, United States #860409

It's a business YOU own and not an employee/employer relationship.They make that clear.

Look in the Business Opportunity section of any ad site and you will see that you have to invest to buy a business or pay expenses to run a business. If you want a JOB, go find one. This is not a JOB with a boss and a set job description. Why don't people want to work?

I am not even an IBO for this company today.go work at WalMart if you want an $8 an hour guaranteed paycheck.

to Smarterthanthat #860411

If my only choices were AmeriPlan or Walmart, I would take the job at Walmart.

to Shinel #861835

You would only take the job at Walmart because you rather say "They scammed me" instead of "I didn't put in the work." You don't want to be responsible for your own failure so blaming the company is easier for you.If Ameriplan was a "scam" it WOULD'VE THEN "scammed" everyone.

And not a single good thing would be able to be said about the company, yet it was discussed in Good Morning America, and there was a special on it by Morely Safer on 60 minutes. Are all people doctors, lawyers, or musicians?

No because not everyone is suited for the discipline it takes to become those individuals the same way you're not cut out, it seems, to be working online from home.Just goes to show some work harder than others, if they really wanted this and it doesn't seem like you did.

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