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i think someone should find out who this company is ,and just like any other fraudulent company file theft charges The better business bureau knows I'm sure.that's,whats wrong with the world today, people just don't care about what happening to the lower class people who cant afford dental plan.were already in turmoil with the economy. god does not like ugly well I'm not just going for the oke doke!

i gonna find away to get my money back and see to it these people are exposed. to the media, and if someone know the person or persons responsible their will be a reward and i will gladly pay it

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1117700

I tried to use my Ameriplan dental at the dental office they didn't pay anything on my bill but they are takeing $25.00 out of my account every month then you call the company they tell you a different thing just a rip off , I'm glad I didn't tell no one else about it. They said go to the website to cancel but I don't see anything to cancel it' got to look into this.

Maryville, Missouri, United States #926241

God doesn't like ugly? Then He's got a quite a sense of humor.

Ever see a platypus? Lmao!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #691429

I was looking for a job at home and thought this was a legit job.(AmeriPlan) placed ads didn't get anywhere try using the membership book Platinum Freedom Pass paying out $60.00 a month. Got no where most providers don't honor the discounts that they agreed to.

The book has out dated information. Fought with sprint for 3 months got no where, tried other program discounts Like prescriptions. Was offered $7 off for ameriplan's member card. $17 if I sign up with Wallgrens (bill was $78.00) at Sam's I Paid only $26.00 6 Flags gives a better discount directly through their own company then what was agreed to in the book.

these program books that are being sold need constant updating. This book is a 2008 sprint said they change codes ever 6 months or so.It's not like it's not a good idea. it's just doesn't help anyone if you can't use it because it's outdated. 24 programs to many don't have proper codes, I've tried them.

I can't sell some thing that doesn't work for me.

I believe you treat people the way you want to be treated. :sigh former I.B.O and Member signing off.


im been using this program and and it almost paid for all my cjilds dental braces.


this *** is wack


I tried the provider search with the following criteria: Boston, MA 02116 within 60 Miles. but No Providers Found ...


I am unable to find a dentist that will take this plan in my area. I live in Taylor Springs, Il and there are a lot of dentist within 50 miles. I would like to have help finding a dentist.


I actually canceled with Ameriplan. Almost immediately after joining.

I guess I was skeptical like most people. I thought, this just seems like such a great thing...and we all know how that usually ends up. Needless to say, about a month later I gave them a try's been 2 years and I honestly couldn't be happier. Halfway through joining I started to work as an Ameriplan IBO and what initially was my goal of making an extra $300-400/month has flourished to nearly $2,000.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but considering that I only work a 15 hour week and this is residual, I feel so completely blessed.

Our mortgage is $1, you do the math! :)


this is true!!!!!!!!!


You people should not beleive everything you read!! Just becuase a comapny has a number on their web site does not mean they answer it!!

That was the point of one of the complaints!! Geez, pay attention!!


I am sorry that happened to you. But, I have saved over $750 on my dental, $72 on a prescription, and $275 for vision and the new program SecureNet is helping me with an IDENTITY THEFT issue where someone is using my ssn. I happen to love the programs. Especially for the price.

Use you provider search to help you to find local providers at Also, read the provider booklet information that the company sent with your cards. The both of them are loaded with information that will help you to save to most money with the card.

Better days are ahead. Don't look back, look forward


Thank you for clarifying everything about the company.


I worked with Ameriplan~I also worked a full time job which covered my dental/medical/vision. However, Becuase I was on Ameriplan my entire family was able to benefit.

I lived with several people in one home at that time. They never had one problem with prescriptions or the dentist. They receive their discounts. Albeit they were not as great as mine, but the lesser amount was helpful!

Please before you purchase or order anything from ANY ONE person (organization) check and see if the program will benefit you in YOUR area. Make sure the dentists are still accepting Ameriplan.FYI I quit working becuase I chose to devote my time to family and current career.


Clearly the person with the complaint is upset and may have cause to complain, but I see no specific problem they are having, just pissed off for no known reason. I have reviewed the dentist list on the Ameriplan, and called the particular one I thought I might want to see to just confirm that they are still on the plan.

This I did before I even signed up. There is a lot of fraud out there no doubt, but I would like to see a legitimate complaint.


It's no wonder people If this person doesn't know how to speak proper English or spell, THEN OF COURSE THEY CAN'T READ.


It amazes me how many people just don't read their membership agreements. Like the previous poster said, Ameriplan requires a 30 day ADVANCED written notice to cancel.

Just like ANY health insurance company. I've been a broker for nine years for this company and they are straight up.


All you need to do is contact the Ameriplan Customer Service office on Monday. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can find the number on the Ameriplan corporate website, or call the rep who sold it to you. Easy.

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