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Ameriplan is a discount program. It relies on "negotiating" a lower

price for doctor's services, which is why most doctors choose not to

accept their plan.I was only able to find TWO doctors in a 90 mile area who participated. The woman trying to bring me o, said: then why not market it to people.How can I sell something I don't believe in nor will buy ???????

Bottom line, STAY AWAY, buy health insurance through the Affordable Care Act , which is affordable thanks to subsidies.I'm 49 years old, I have a plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield for $103/month with NO dedutible.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1258659

The average household does NOT qualify for such low rates and coverage benefits with BCBS or any other commercial insurance co. Working middle class always has to carry too much of the load for others. I would not be bragging about it.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1176649

Wow!!! I've tried to get coverage thru my employer & it was over $200.

a month... and I'm single...

no kids. I'll definitely call Blue Shield.


that's why my health insurance is astronomical - people getting part of my money to pay for their healthcare- good bye Obama and Obama care


Says the insurance agent LOL. Med plus is only 25 bucks and i can use telemedicine to have a certified doc call me without me having to wait at the ER on weekends and they send the prescription to my pharmacy.

Insurances have way too many loopholes. at least with AP you have transparency, you know what you gonna pay before you pay it! Bottom line is you have some that prefer insurance, while others don't! If you like to may more than a hundred bucks per month, all the power too you.

I prefer the save my money.

BTW Blue Cross wanted to charge me 600 per month. Screw that!


Mind if I ask how in the world u found coverage for $103 a month. I'm not seeing any options ANYWHERE near that

to Anonymous #1305945

It all depends on your household income and how many members in your household are needing insurance. I am the only one in my household that needs insurance.

My husband gets care thru the VA and my kids get something called CHIPS that is offered where I live. so with my household income and me being the only one who needs insurance, I will have to pay close to $1000 a month. Mind you, my household income is not as high as you would think to have to pay that astronomical amount. That is so unaffordable for a supposed "Affordable care act" plan.

P.S. I do not qualify for any subsidies. I feel Obama Care is the biggest scam of them all.

So if you are not seeing that $103 coverage, it's because they feel you could afford more then what you actually can. I hope that helps!!

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