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I joined Ameriplan heath plan as an associate in 2008 and continued to be apart of the company until April 4, 2013 when I called to cancel my service with them. From 2012 until present I have had a lot of sickness, death , homelessness, Prostate cancer, car was total, I have back problems and had trusted Ameriplan to have stop account after I had talked to the lady on there phone number that they had on my bank statement. I thought I had call to... Read more

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Ameriplan are a bunch of scams artists, *** artists and crooks...l payed 69.90 for the start up plan and quickly decided and discovered that it was not a good fit for me after only 3 days...they were quick to charge my credit card but slow to credit my money back...making me wait 30 days and only payed me 24.90 instead of the total amount of this billion dollar company are such big thieves that they have to keep a poor persons... Read more

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I responded to an ad for PT/FT work at home customer service employment. There were some red flags for me. First, I had filled out the form to receive a call for a telephone interview. I received an email, instead, directing me to a webpage of information about the work, and pay structure. Well, why spend time on the phone answering these questions, when the prospective employee should be able to read the info and draw some conclusions? That is... Read more

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I'm considering joining Ameriplan so I thought I'd check some reviews. I read about 5 negative reviews... but couldn't go on. These people were so illiterate I could barely make out what they were trying to say. Yeah. I guess having an online home business isn't for everyone. Read more

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We joined Ameriplan 10-20-2015. We thought everything was great. We finially had dental coverage. But we found out we were being billed from two accounts! We are being double diped for this coverage. After auditing my accounts I found out Ameriplan has been deducting 29.95 from our business checking account AND 19.95 from a major credit card. I have talked to a representative by the name of Carol, at customer services. After contacting... Read more

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Just have to share this testimonial from a member who paid zero out of pocket after a surgery that was initially over $100,000! From a Happy Ameriplan customer: If anyone wants to know what are the steps with the advocacy. Personal experience total surgery bill for the Dr was $101,000.00 yes know typo you are seeing the correct numbers. Blue cross blue shield iss covering 50000 of it. The Hospital Advocacy Program is phenominal, they are... Read more

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Contacted by a RoTanya from AmeriPlan via email. I called interested in the business. This is what they put in the email. "No cold calling or telemarketing involved. No home parties, high pressured sales or approaching friends and family. Positive attitude, good communication skills and ability to work independently and with a team is a must!" So I called. One question I asked, How much do you make a month? She refused to answer. RED FLAG. Good... Read more

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Here's the bottom line: its all about where you live and how many leads you can buy. I worked my butt off for Ameriplan and i did "get serious" with my business. My charts were through the roof! Here's the problem: I live in a "lime" color state... So Ameriplan is like non existant. My sponsor/coach? Terrible! NOT a support at all. "Watch the videos" isnt enough training answer for me dang it!!! I watched every single training video till I was... Read more

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the rep from ameriplain told me there would be no hidden coast for me i ask where is a print out of the plocity he said there where none. said his company is to big to bill so have to have dirict with drawll. they took my first payment next day when he said billing day would be on the thrid. if i want to cancell i could but they get to keep the 20.00 from me. how could i cancell my account after they took the money out but they my money in less... Read more

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I worked so hard and loved that company I heard dale brooks got 6.5 million dollars because Mc onald got 6 million what about all of us who worked and got nothing now that they are being sued and losing maybe we should all get together and sue them my phone number is 417-521-7019 Read more

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